While some key laws on issues such as abortion and guns were introduced in September, January`s laws will affect smaller populations. The lack of on-campus polling stations is a major barrier to youth voter turnout in Texas, in addition to strict election laws. During the last midterm cycle, 50 percent of the state`s 36 public universities had early elective positions on campus, while only about 20 percent of the nine historically black colleges and universities had one. – Sneha Dey and Alex Nguyen Limiting gun purchases, or who can own guns, could be an uphill battle in the GOP-controlled legislature. Despite several mass shootings in recent years, Texas Republicans have repeatedly relaxed gun laws. Six hundred and sixty-six new Texas laws will go into effect this Wednesday. These laws, which were passed during the 87. The Texas legislature discussed, passed, and signed includes changes to public safety, health care, and K-12 education. AUSTIN, Texas – 23 new laws passed by the 87th Texas Legislature will go into effect Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022. Below is a list of new laws expected to come into force in 2022.

Republicans are expected to introduce bills this session to strengthen and enforce existing abortion laws. Rep. Candy Noble, R-Lucas, introduced House Bill 61, which would prevent Texas communities from helping people pay for out-of-state abortions. – Eleanor Klibanoff But in the meantime, here`s a list of new laws you should be aware of: The new laws range from a change to the exemption from family property taxes for veterans with disabilities to 100% to requiring major cities to hold an election before reducing or redistributing funding to law enforcement agencies. 666 new Texas laws went into effect in 2021. Here are 16 you should be aware of, from abortion and voting restrictions to open carrying. With regard to the training of members of the evaluation committee. Early filing means that invoices usually receive a small number. But the lowest numbers are reserved for the highest priority bills set by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Lieutenant Governor.

House Speaker Dade Phelan and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick have yet to announce their priorities. Texas law prohibits all abortions from the moment of conception, except to save the life of the pregnant patient. A group of Democrats has introduced two bills that would expand these exceptions. The legislation follows a year of swift ban on books in the state. PEN America, a free speech nonprofit, found that 22 Texas school districts banned 801 books between July 2021 and June 2022, the highest number in the country. In particular, the bans targeted books focused on race, abortion and LGBTQ issues. — Brian Lopez and Alex Nguyen. Protecting companies from liability in the event of a car accident: HB 19 requires drivers of commercial vehicles — including Uber, Lyft and vans — to be held liable in court for causing a car accident resulting in injury or death before a case can be brought against their employer.

House Bill 3788 amends the Tax Act to authorize a member of the assessment committee to meet applicable distance education and training requirements through distance learning. House Bill 42, introduced by Rep. Bryan Slaton, R-Royse City, would expand the state`s definition of child abuse to include the provision of gender-reassignment health care under the direction of a physician or mental health care provider. The Legislative Assembly refused to pass a similar bill in the last session. Carrying without permission: The House Bill 1927 allows Texans 21 and older to carry handguns without training or a license, as long as they are not legally prevented from doing so. Not all bills signed during the regular session will come into force on September 1. Some laws entered into force immediately after they were signed. For example, Senate Bill 968, which banned “vaccine passports” in Texas, became law when Governor Greg Abbott signed it into law in June. Other bills, such as the one revising important negotiations between landowners and businesses, will come into force on January 1, 2022. In February, Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a non-binding legal opinion equating gender care with child abuse, prompting Gov. Greg Abbott to order the state`s Child Welfare Agency to investigate the parents. These investigations are largely blocked by court order, but if state law changes, they could potentially be reopened.

— Sneha Dey, Eleanor Klibanoff and Alex Nguyen on the electronic distribution of commercial recordings or audiovisual works. House Bill 112, introduced by Rep. Steve Toth, R-The Woodlands, would also criminalize gender-based health care. In particular, the legislation would prevent health care providers from offering various sex-specific procedures and treatments for children, including puberty blockers and doses of testosterone or estrogen. The offences could lead to a second-degree felony. Toth also introduced this proposed ban in House Bill 41, which would also remove professional liability insurance from providers offering these treatments. Proponents argue that limiting the governor`s ability to renew returns limits the potential for abuse of power and allows voters to get involved in the process. House Bill 2730 amends the Property Code to revise regulations regarding eminent areas. The bill requires that an initial bona fide offer from an entity with significant domain authority include certain elements. The Bill contains provisions on the conditions necessary for the establishment of an instrument of transfer for a right-of-way easement for a pipeline easement or a right-of-way easement for power lines included in an offer to purchase a private company, including provisions for the negotiation and agreement of other conditions, as well as for the negotiation and approval of the amendment.

Modification or omission of conditions required by a private entity or owner and the requirement that a private entity inform the owner that the owner of the land may negotiate certain terms and conditions to be included in a deed of transfer. The Bill revises the provisions relating to the appointment of special commissioners in a matter of important area, including setting a deadline for appointment and providing for the appointment of assistant special commissioners. The House Bill 2730 amends the Real Estate Licensing Act, Professional Code to, among other things, do the following with respect to a registration certificate for an easement or a lost agent: “So many people started relying on third-party supplies for meals that they realized we didn`t have a lot of regulation in this area. So it`s time to create a level playing field for both parties,” said Dr. Smith. House Bill 4638 amends the Special Code of Local Laws for the District to create Leander Municipal Management District No. 1 and the new Waverly Municipal Management District No. 1.

“If you`re someone who has a DV plate, that means if you want to park in a place that we consider a disabled space, you`ll need to apply for a new plaque in the future,” said Dr. Brian Smith, a political science professor at St. Edward`s University. Last year, the House voted to give new mothers access to Medicaid one year after giving birth, but the Senate reduced that period to six months. The federal centers for Medicare and Medicaid services said the state`s request was “not approvable”; Requests for a 12-month extension were automatically approved by the American Rescue Plan. That is, if a child is absent, the school loses that money. Some superintendents have asked for registration-based funding so that they do not lose money regardless of their presence. Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin, has introduced legislation that would change the way the state funds Texas` 1,204 public school districts and open enrollment charters. With House Bill 31, Hinojosa wants to fund schools based on their average enrollment. Senate Bill 794 amends the Tax Code to clarify that persons eligible for the property tax exemption for totally disabled veterans are disabled veterans who have been disabled due to a service-related disability and who have received a 100% disability award and a 100% assessment or individual disability.

whether or not a veteran receives such compensation. Two Houston Democrats have introduced a bill calling for greater inclusion of ethnic studies in schools. House Bill 45, introduced by Rep. Christina Morales, D-Houston, would require most public school districts to offer Mexican-American and African-American studies. Meanwhile, House Bill 368. Johnson would establish an advisory council on African American studies within the State Board of Education to expand the teaching of “citizenship, culture, economics, science, technology, geography, and politics related to African American history.” House Bill 1445 amends the Income Tax Act to exclude a medical or dental billing service provided prior to the initial filing of a related insurance claim from insurance services subject to sales and use tax.