“The strength and core competencies of Studio De Luca & Partners lie in providing agile, timely, accurate and personalised legal advice with a flexible and sensitive approach. Unlike other law firms, Studio De Luca & Partners has the opportunity to build a 360° strategic partnership with the company, offering not only legal support, but also a complete administrative and bureaucratic service with an experienced team always available for all business needs. “It is a 360-degree employment law firm that represents a very professional and efficient reservoir of legal and operational expertise. They know how to be a strategic partner, which I think is quite rare in the industry. They can be very useful in the planning phase of restructuring plans and be an important partner in the event of a dispute. Labour and Dispute Resolution: The firm`s partners and employees always strive to achieve clients` objectives and avoid litigation when appropriate. Regardless, legal aid is one of his firm`s strong areas of expertise, with its own department and impeccable track record. As an EU regulation, the GDPR is a provision directly applicable in its entirety throughout the EU and, as clarified by the European Commission, stems from the desire and need to harmonise and simplify the rules governing the processing and transfer of personal data of natural persons in order to provide legal certainty for both controllers (and processors) and data subjects. to offer. Despite the impact they have on headlines, digital assets – including cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – are relatively new technologies and forms of ownership. As these assets become more common, legal systems around the world must reckon with them as they are subject to regulation, theft, and litigation. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of laws and customs acquired in more than 45 years of experience, as well as its ability to explain the rules of Italian labour law (often complex) in a simple and clear way, the firm often handles cross-border transactions with several jurisdictions and advises the head office, legal directors and human resources managers operating outside Italy.

Under Italian law, the control of employees is not limited to the notion of “workplace”, for example: when it could be implemented by the installation of a video surveillance system (see “Provision on video surveillance” – 8 April 2010 [1712680] and (ii) European Data Protection Board – EDPB, “Guidelines No 3/2019 on the processing of personal data by video equipment”), but also extends to the devices, applications and, more generally, tools used to perform the placement. In this context, prior to the application of the GDPR, the Italian Data Protection Authority published “Guidelines for the use of the Internet and e-mail in public and private workplaces” [web doc. 1387522], which clearly define the boundaries between legal and illegal controls. The Legal 500 has recognized Kobre & Kim in several categories of the 2023 UK Companies list of top legal markets. Chambers & Partners has once again ranked Kobre & Kim`s Timothy Haynes among the top 5 lawyers in its 2022 Legal Rankings “Offshore: Dispute Resolution in Asia-Pacific Region Legal Rankings”. CLIENT: Co-founder & CEO of a client COMPANY: International Corporation EXPERIENCE: “Thank you again to everyone for your responsiveness and availability. I am glad I followed your advice. Lawdragon paid tribute to Benjamin Sirota of Kobre & Kim in the publication`s first guide, “Lawdragon 500 Leading Litigators in America.” Article 4 of the Staff Regulations respects the confidentiality of workers and defines the cases in which audiovisual equipment or other instruments for remote monitoring of workers` activities may be used, even if possible. The same article 4 obliges the employer to provide employees with adequate information on the use of the submitted instruments and requires full compliance with the Data Protection Code with direct reference to the provisions of the Italian Data Protection Code. It was a public spectacle “without rancour”. On Friday, Toby Emmerich dined with Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy at the Polo Lounge, a hub for negotiation and powerful lunches, to send a sign of solidarity to Hollywood. The bread break that made history when show business actors like producer Donald De Line and CAA agent Joel Lubin dined nearby came just a day after Emmerich announced he would be working as a “sex deal”. As a general rule, De Luca & Partners advises international companies on every step of establishing their operations in Italy, as well as on their day-to-day operations, reorganization and even closure.

As part of its specialization in labor law, the firm advises its clients on the protection of personal data and the administrative liability of companies in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01. CLIENT: Managing Director of a client ENTERPRISE / COMPANY: Company testimonial: “Technical preparation and quick understanding of the customer`s organization and problems.” CLIENT: International manager of a client COMPANY/ENTERPRISE: Leading global supplier TESTIMONIAL: “Sensitivity and availability, knowledge and expertise in employment, which we expressly trust. More specifically, for example, in order to adapt national legislation to the new regulation, the Italian legislator adopted Legislative Decree no. 101/2018 of 10 August 2018 adapting the GDPR to the relevant national legislation, represented by Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Privacy Code and, together with the GDPR, the Privacy Code). SEOUL, 10. AUGUST 2022 – Kobre & Kim has selected Daniel S. Lee as its partner, effective August 1, 2022.

Mr. Lee`s investigation highlights the company`s continued innovation in cross-border solutions for clients, including ultra-high net worth individuals (UHWNIs), facing government law enforcement, asset declines and reputation issues in Asia and around the world. Main areas of activity: De Luca & Partners specialises in advising companies exclusively in the field of labour law. The decision to specialize in this field in the mid-1970s was an asset and remains at the heart of the company`s development strategy. (ii) Appointments – The introduction of internal policies that govern the security of the information processed and define roles and responsibilities is a tool that serves not only to ensure the organization`s compliance with applicable data protection law, but also to reduce the risk of damage that may directly affect the Company`s business. The internal policies and procedures to be applied must be adapted to each case, according to the characteristics and risks that each situation represents, and must comply with any additional procedures already in place by the Corporation.