The employee may work part-time, i.e. for a shorter period©than a full-time employee. ©©© The minimum working time©is specified©© in the employment contract. Part-time workers© may be asked to work© overtime©within certain limits. Overtime©is subject to a wage increase. If an employee© works 80% part-time, he works 28 hours a week (if the working time©in the company is 35 hours). Taking into account seniority and seniority©in the enterprise, the remuneration of the part-time employee is proportional to the remuneration©©of the employee©© who has a regular qualification© as a full-time job©in the establishment or enterprise©©. Part-time work may be requested© by the employer or employee©. Part-time pay is proportional to the hours©of work.

I have a part-time fixed-term contract, my employer allows me to work more than the duration©indicated©in my contract. Does he have the right to do so? A part-time job is a job for which you work half the legal hours of work. In France, working time is 35 hours per week. This number of hours may be higher or lower depending on the contractual or collective arrangement. A limit is set at 48 hours in the same week. Part-time employment is defined as an employee whose working time is less than that of a©full-time employee©©. ©©©© Whether you are part-time or part-time, it is entirely possible to combine two paid jobs and find additional income at home. The only condition is to respect the 48 hours per week. Looking for a sample letter on© reducing working hours? We offer you one, ready to use. Part-time workers© may be asked to© work beyond the working hours specified©in the©contract. Part-time employees© must respect a minimum working time©. The employee© can thus achieve a total duration of employment equivalent to a full-time job or at least©equal to© the minimum working time©©.

In©the absence of a collective agreement or contract, the employee© can apply for©©a part-time job by submitting his application to his employer. The request for part-time work is made by registered letter©with acknowledgment of© receipt(9). My employer lets me work 9 hours a day plus 2 hours of driving time is this legal example: the contract stipulates that the part-time employee always works 20 hours a week on the basis of a variable schedule determined according to the rules of the work regulations. The employee can be informed of the following schedule: it corresponds to© half of the so-called “normal” working time, i.e. 50% of the working time©. A fixed working schedule means that the part-time employment contract provides for a working schedule valid for a week or a cycle of more than one week and always the same. The part-time contract shall specify, for each working day, the number of hours to be worked, the beginning and end of the work and any rest periods. The remuneration of a part-time worker is calculated on the same basis as the remuneration of a full-time employee. Consider the weekly working time (17.5) multiplied by the 52 weeks of the year and divided by 12 months to obtain the number of hours worked per month. Therefore, companies can offer their part-time employees changes to temporarily extend their working hours (from date to date). However, the application of these amendments is subject to the legal conditions and the validation of collective agreements.

Hello I have been employed since 2014 (FEBRUARY) I have a 20-hour contract I would like to know if my employer should have employed me for 24 hours, knowing that I asked for a full-time job Can you give me more information cordially In companies without representative staff, part-time hours may be exercised at the initiative of the employer©or at the request of the employees©, ©© After informing the labour inspector. Their collective agreement stipulates© that the weekly working time in the company for a full-time employee©© is 32 hours. For a variety of reasons, an employee may want to switch from a full-time employment contract to a part-time employment contract. To apply for a part-time job, the employee must follow a special procedure. And the employer can legitimately reject the employee`s request if he succeeds in proving any of the following proofs: Hello, I was hired 24 hours a day a few years ago on a permanent contract.